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DutchElektro is uw allround elektricien:
Van groepenkast tot aanleg van uw installaties.
DutchElektro is een erkend elektrotechnisch installatiebedrijf..
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We take your fault seriously and help you quickly to continue

Please contact our technical service at

☎ 06 26116947

24Hour Electrician

Breakdown service

24/7 Emergency Electrician

Please contact our technical service at 

☎ 06 26116947

Our electricians are trained to:

Install electrical wiring and conduit.
Connect wires to circuit breakers.
Connect electrical outlets.
Connect lights.
Measurement electrical systems.
Use voltmeters to test connections.
Repair equipment
make sure all wiring is safe
and much more!

We work on your wishes and unburden you


When furnishing your home or business   


24/7 Storingdienst Emergency electrician

Wen shortcircuit Shut off the power source as soon as possible.

Our main concern is your safety. The best way to avoid electrical shock is steering clear of DIY electrical projects. If you need an electrical service or repair in your home turn to the professional electricians at Dutch-Electric Call 06-26116947 for all of your electrical needs.

Electrical work is dangerous and always best left to a Licensed Electrical Contractor with the expertise, equipment and training to do the job safely. Licensed Electrical Contractors are the only business in South Holland legally allowed to do electrical work in your home, and failing to hire one could result in injury, death, loss of property, or denied insurance claims.

Short circuit, detect humming noise

We are always available 24/7 emergency service for emergency malfunctions.

Do you suffer from an electrical failure or short circuit? Short circuits are common in most households. You know it: you plug it in or press the power button on an electrical device, and the power goes out. But sometimes the cause of the short circuit is not so easy to solve, and your power continues to fail regularly. there are sometimes disturbances of humming noise from the pipes, this is very dangerous if nothing is done about it. In that case, the short circuit must be detected. It is best to have an electrician find out about a short circuit or hum. Dutch-Electric can quickly detect your short circuit or humming noise and remedy your power failure. we have experience with it

Please contact us directly to avoid any further problems!

Pull the cable through

The steps for laying the pipes are quite simple. You look at which pipe ends up in the room where the coax and utp cabling has to go, after which you start by pulling the cables through the tension spring. If these have been pulled through the pipes with the tension spring, you can connect everything. In case you do not have any pipes, or if they are already in use, you must install the wiring in an old-fashioned way. In the old-fashioned way you are going to pull the cables through the wall, the ceiling to get them above or under the floor. Often the coax and utp cables are laid along the skirting boards, so that it does not stand out too much. Once upstairs or in another room, you will take care of the mooring and enjoy TV and internet. 

Dutch-Electrician will be happy to help you

When it’s time to seek the assistance of an electrician, it’s important that you find the right electrician,
which means someone with the highly specialized skills to plan and execute the electrical work you need to have done.
In short, you need a Dutch-Electrician.

Why a Dutch-Electrician?
A master electrician is one who has completed specializing training and passed an examination resulting in certification as a Dutch-electrician.
Being a Dutch-electrician means one is specially trained to handle the tools of the trade as well as the necessary skills.

We employ the most skilled electricians in the area. Employees are up to date on current codes, safety procedures,
and the newest electrical products.

One reason: Kids often play with or near electrical outlets, and a licensed electrician will make sure all wiring
and outlets are installed and maintained safely.
Dutch-Electric offers you the services of a master electrician so that you can rest assured all of your electrical
projects are in good hands. Dutch-Electric customers should know that the Dutch-electrician at Dutch-Electrician has all of

the knowledge necessary to read blueprints and technical diagrams and more.

Wireless internet access is simple for anyone to implement at home – but many of our customers prefer a hard-wired
solution for your Dutch-Electric home or office networking that alleviates any concerns about bandwidth, speed or wireless security.


Install installations

24-hour breakdown service

Your meter cupboard needs to be replaced. You need a reliable electrician,
that installs your new meter cupboard safely and can give you solid advice.
Dutch Electric is the company you are looking for. Reliable, Knowledgeable, Recognized

24-hour breakdown service

A power failure regularly causes problems in households.
If a malfunction occurs frequently, there may be problems in your installation. Electric will be happy to help you determine the cause of your fault,
so that an electrical failure will no longer occur in the future.

Electrician for your Installation

Inspection for your Installation

Reasons for replacement
In several cases, the meter box must be replaced. Usually it concerns an outdated house with an old meter cupboard or an extension of the existing installation. A new kitchen with more electrical appliances can be a reason, but also Quooker or a washing machine.

Which meter box do you need
If the meter cupboard needs to be replaced in your building, it must be clear in advance for which devices and rooms it will be used. Dutch Electric can of course contribute ideas to this. Meter boxes must also meet various standards and requirements: when we replace your meter box, you are assured that these requirements are met.

Electrical systems

Dutch-Electric is known for good service, expertise, customer-friendliness and specialist and competence. You can contact us for all your electrical installations, both construction and repair. By choosing Dutch-Electric , you opt for quality and durability and it happens right the first time, so you avoid unnecessary problems in the future.


Inspection & Inspection

Dutch-Electric takes care of these inspections and inspections. The electrical installations are inspected by visual inspection and inspection by measurement and testing. Electrotechnical work equipment can also be inspected. After the inspection has been carried out, the customer receives an inspection report with improvement recommendations. The Labor Inspectorate and insurance companies regard the NEN 3140 standard as binding.


It is essential that your staff and visitors can use your electrical installations and equipment safely. The Working Conditions Act also requires you to ensure that safety within your organization is guaranteed in that area. The requirements formulated in the Working Conditions Act have been worked out in concrete terms, including the NEN 3140 standard. van Dutchelektro helps you with full assurance of the NEN 3140 standard, including the implementation of the NEN 3140 inspection of your installation and electrical equipment.

Your insurer requires a NEN 3140 inspection

Not only the health and safety obligation obliges you to carry out a NEN 3140 inspection. Insurers can also oblige you to have a NEN 3140 inspection and / or thermographic inspection carried out. It is important to meet the requirements of your insurer in the field of NEN 3140, because many insurers do not pay or only partially pay damage if you cannot demonstrate that the NEN 3140 is guaranteed and you have had the NEN 3140 inspection carried out. . It goes without saying that we are happy to help you meet the requirements of your insurer and we carry out the NEN 3140 inspection for you. If there are any ambiguities, we will, if desired, go through the policy or letter from your insurer with you and carry out the requested inspections.

The Best Electrician The Hague

In need for an electrician quickly for an electrical short or emergency? Our engineers are 24/7 available:

24 hour Emergency Electrician

We work in the entire The Hague region. Delft, Voorburg, Scheveningen, Leidschendam, Wassenaar, Den Haag, Voorburg, Rijswijk, Leiden, Wateringen, Monster, Zoetermeer, Voorburg, Rotterdam, Dordrecht, Zwijndrecht, Sliedrecht,

Some of our services include: 

Lighting Design, Exit & Emergency Lighting, Emergency Service, Fault Finding & Repairs, RCD Testing, Safety Switches, Testing & Tagging, Data & Communication, Audio & Visual, Thermal Graphic Scanning, Data & Communications,  Security, Alarms & CCTV, Under-Tile Heating, 

Do you have a domestic electricity emergency in South-Holland, are you worried, and do you need immediate assistance straight away? Speak to our experts at South-Holland Electricians 24/7 and we’ll have a Electrician with you in no time. Call us anytime on   06- 26116947 

Is your electrical installation up-to-date?

Reason To Get Your Electrical Switchboards Inspected If you have an old switchboard then get it inspected and, if necessary, replaced. If you have concerns about the safety of your family then get a switchboard inspection. Have you upgraded other electricals in the house, added extra electrical devices to your home, without checking to see if your switchboard is capable? You want surge protection added to your switchboard Other Electrical Switchboard Services DutchElektro can relocate your current switchboard to another location if it’s in a hard-to-reach location, or you’re required to open the gate to allow Energex to read your meter each time.

DutchElektro 06 26116947

Electrical Testing & Inspection DutchElektro  DutchElektro Electricians 24-7, our qualified team are able to provide an all-encompassing electrical testing and inspection service for both commercial and domestic buildings. With more than 30 years’ experience operating in our field, we can assist in reducing the occurrence of serious faults, along with the need to replace your old system following a breakdown. With a broad range of accreditations, qualifications and experience to draw from, you can trust in our ability to provide professional advice that is tailored to your specific needs. We are proud of our dedication to customer service and the fantastic reputation it has gained us over the years, so you can rely on us to offer advice in line with what would work best for you; while providing the highest quality workmanship through precision and a strong understanding of electrical systems.

DutchElektro Electrical Services Why not make DutchElektro Electrical Services your dedicated commercial maintenance electrician? Having someone who understands your business or organisational needs and can deliver consistent, quality service when you need it just makes life easier.